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Passionate about social impact

A Volunteer is someone who has devoted their time to creating positive change through fundraising

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The Volunteer will:

Download the PDT App

Create an Account

Select their Charity of Choice

The Volunteer will then have access to their
Giving and Rewards Dashboard

The mobile giving and rewards space allows volunteers to:

Track their Travel Rewards and monitor their growth

Track the progress of funds raised for their Charity of Choice

Track the number of meals they have provided for children in North America!

Take control of your campaign and watch your impact and rewards grow!

How the Volunteer grows their social impact and travel rewards:

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Rallies for their cause

The Volunteer reaches out to their network, and develops personalized campaigns and fundraisers

The Volunteer signs up a new subscriber to their campaign through the app!

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Supports the Volunteer's

The Subscriber supports the volunteer's efforts in creating real social impact

The Subscriber signs up with their Volunteers' campaign

The Subscriber pays a subscription fee of $39.70/month put towards supporting the charity selected, and to purchasing 30 meals for a child in North America

The subscriber is rewarded with exclusive perks and weekly giveaways

Growing Your Impact!

Redeeming Your Travel Rewards

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After creating amazing impact and expanding their impact community of Subscribers, the Volunteer is rewarded Travel Rewards in Dollar Value

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Once reaching their desired amount, the Volunteer can redeem their rewards at anytime directly on the app!

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The Volunteer will use their travel rewards to redeem any flight, accommodation, or travel package of their choosing!

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The Volunteer enjoys their well deserved vacation!

They will come back motivated to do it again, creating real sustainability in the giving and impact space!

Even More Rewards!

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Weekly Giveaways

To sustain the giving, and support both Volunteer and Subscriber commitment, both the Volunteer and Subscriber will be automatically entered into weekly draws to win free trips, travel gear, and so much more!

Exclusive Discount App

The Volunteer and Subscriber will get immediate access to our exclusive Discount App, worth hundreds of dollars in savings each month from retailers, restaurants, and more

Download our App!

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