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Purpose Driven Travel

Where good deeds take flight

Purpose Driven Travel Inc. is a for-profit social enterprise focused on providing the 77+ Million Volunteers in North America with a New and Improved way to raise money for their Charity of Choice and be rewarded with Free Travel!


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giving model

PDT is the first of its kind -- changing the way we view our responsibility to Volunteers who are the heart of funding within the giving space. We are taking an active step in creating social impact and positive changes in the world!

We set out to remedy the challenges facing volunteers, and we did it! To create sustainable giving models, everybody must win! We decided to reward volunteers and subscribers to support their commitment to social impact.


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Sustainable social impact

Our mission to utilize our new and improved for-profit social giving model, to help volunteers raise more money for their charity of choice and reward them with free travel! We are destined to remedy challenges towards sustainability, by rewarding and support all stakeholders in the giving space!


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Collaboration within the giving space

We are determined to collaborating with thousands of charities across the world to create real and sustainable impact. We will pioneer a model where all charities work together for the greater good.


With 11 million children going to bed hungry every night, we are also determined to ending hunger in North America through out collaboration with RTG Group.

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