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Calling All Volunteers

Join PDT now to not only be rewarded FREE TRAVEL but to join our 90 day challenge and win EVEN MORE!


Even More Rewards!

Become a leader in Social Impact!

Lead in social impact over 90 days and receive weekly, monthly and quarterly prizes!

How it works

Join PDT as Volunteer by downloading the PDT App. Select your Charity of Choice and begin your campaign!


You will receive your Travel Rewards as usual through each subscription you gain towards your campaign.


As an added incentive for the FIRST 90 DAYS, you can win WEEKLY, MONTHLY, and QUARTERLY prizes by leading within the PDT Volunteer Community!

Download the app

Sign up your Charity of Choice

Rally for the cause and sign on subscribers

Collect travel rewards as usual

Lead amongst all other campaigns and win weekly, monthly and quarterly prizes the first 90 days

Download our App!

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