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Raise money for your Charity of Choice and receive Free Travel!

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Sustainable Giving Model

Our for-profit giving model works in collaboration with Charities and the volunteers who are making real change to get rewarded! This is the ONLY way to create sustainable social impact!

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Join PDT now to not only be rewarded FREE TRAVEL but to join our 90 day challenge and win EVEN MORE!

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Become a leader in Social Impact!

Lead in social impact over 90 days and receive weekly, monthly and quarterly prizes!

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and Rewards Dashboard

The all-in-one roadmap where you can watch your social impact and travel rewards grow!

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Purpose Driven Travel partnered with Trureal

Purpose Driven Travel has partnered with "CashBack" Fintech company TRUREAL.

With PDT and TRUREAL having a similar vision of giving back we are excited to work through a new and innovative giving model to feed the hungry and a chance to get rewarded in the process.

Raise money for your Charity of Choice and get rewarded Free Travel!

Good Deeds

Take Flight

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