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PDT is the first of its kind—changing the way we view our responsibility towards volunteers in the giving space. We believe in social impact and take every effort to effect positive change in the world. We set out to remedy the challenges facing volunteers in the giving space and engaged in strategic and creative problem solving. And we did it! Our model is built on the foundation that everybody MUST win more than they put in. Our team has innovated an outstanding model where, with Purpose Driven Travel, good deeds take flight.

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To help volunteers raise more money for their charity of choice and reward them with free travel in order to sustainably support important causes, and end hunger in North America, supporting all stakeholders in the giving space


To innovate within the giving space with a sustainable, transparent and collaborative for-profit social impact model; ending hunger, supporting important causes, and rewarding volunteers for their good work


Our Values

Social impact

PDT is determined to create solution-based programs where volunteers are supported and rewarded for their hard work, and to ensure important causes are impacted


Everyone wins more than they put in. Volunteers engaged in our programs beg the question, "why stop?"


PDT has a partnership with RTG Group, engaging volunteers within its feeding model. We collaborate with volunteer organizations to give volunteers a new way to raise money for their charities of choice. To ensure everybody wins more than they put in, we have developed partnerships with travel companies to award volunteers free travel


Consistently showcasing our impact, growth, and revenue to all stakeholders

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